A Few Times

I'm a pretty normal looking guy who has somehow had a lot of luck with beautiful women.

When I was young, shortly after my university years, i had a girlfriend who -- according to my friends -- was wayyyy out of my league. I don't know if that's true, but she was very hot. Since we were both recently out of school and looking for jobs in our career fields, we lived with our respective parents in their homes. Not a lot of privacy, so we had to sneak around in order to fool around.

Since we didn't have much privacy, our sex life consisted mainly of quick hand jobs or oral in the car, parked around the block from her house before dropping her off.

I remember that her mom used to wait up for her -- she told me that after our dates she would rush in and head straight to the bathroom, telling her mom that she had to pee really bad. In reality she would run to the bathroom to clean my ***** off of her sweater, or to use mouthwash. She was very worried that her mom would smell my ***** on her breath.

Once, while on a date, we had been teasing each other and were heading back towards her home -- which was a few towns away. We'd had a few drinks, and our judgement was impaired -- and we stopped in a shopping mall parking lot to fool around.

We started with kissing and quickly worked our hands into each other's pants -- but eventually climbed into the backseat, and took our pants completely off. I remember her blouse was open, and her front-clasp bra was unhooked. She had climbed onto my lap and we were starting to build a good rhythm, when a cop shined his flashlight into the window. The window was steamed up -- but I'm sure he got a good view of everything he was trying to see. He continued to shine the light on her as she buttoned up, and his partner came over too, to enjoy the show.

He wrote us a ticket and -- in spite of the fact that we were both too drunk to have been driving -- told us to drive on home. Her mom was of course waiting up.

A few days later, our names were in the paper in the police blog, for 'Illegal Trespassing.' Our parents freaked out -- but we told them that we just needed a place to 'talk privately.' Since the police report didn't include details, that satisfied them to some extent. I moved into an apartment a short time later, which solved our privacy concerns, but the relationship ended not long after.

Ever since then, I always keep a bottle of listerine on hand, just in case...

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Dec 10, 2012