Roommate Walked In The Other Night.

I share a small place with a friend of mine and last week I had gone out and had a few drinks down in Chelsea. Having a few drinks I ended up meeting a guy from Brazil. If you have read other stories, this has been a thing finding guys from other countries.

We enjoyed a few more drinks and then decided to head back to my place. We no more than got into the apartment and out clothes were hitting the floor. He has a great chest and I was already turned on. Then his **** flopped out when he removed his briefs. ****, is all I could say. I immediately went down on him. He fed me his **** and I deep throated as my **** was throbbing and needed attention. He pushed me onto the bed and began sucking me and I was in heaven. I managed to get him to move over me and we began 69 with him on top. I could feel his *** in my hands. Strong muscle butt which turned me on more and more. After rubbing his man hole briefly he rose and turned to face me lowered himself on my dripping ****. He pumped himself and his muscle *** gulped my **** over and over. 
He leaned to kiss me as my **** was pounding his ***. That is when my roommate walked in. You would have though this would have freaked him or I, but no. We kept on going and my roommate left the apartment. ( he went next door to a friends) We kept having sex for about another half an hour. Hot and sweaty we crashed out on the bed. I sent a text to roommate to come home. My Brazilian guy spent the night and the next morning he was shaking his hard **** at me again. I sucked him for a while then he laid on his stomach and I took his hot *** again. I could see him grip the pillow and his *** rose up to meet my **** and fully fill his wanting hole.I could not hold back any longer. I shot a load on his back and he finished himself off and came on my *** cover ****. 
Just a great way to start the day as I headed to work.  
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If I was your room mate I would have take my **** out en let both of you start sucking me off

for starters ! :-)

Kind of curious. Is your roommate gay?

What was your first clue? LOL!

I like your description of his ***.

when do we get a pic of yours ?

I would of joined in im not shy

Damn you sound like a lot of fun.

I'm like Disneyland. I cost a little more but I'm worth it.

if i was ur roommate i would have joined

That would have been better

Glad to hear that you just kept at it. How is the roommate dealing with it?

He was fine. Surprised he did not watch.

Now THAT is savoir faire!

What is your relationship with your roommate?

We have know each other for years. Just friends. His late partner and my late partner, we all four were friends.

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