First Time Getting Caught Having Sex - But Not The Last

When it comes to getting caught having sex, I'm a veteran. First time I got caught having sex was on my 18th birthday and now 23, I've been caught countless times since (as recently as last week). I think the reason i get caught so often is when I'm horny, I'm too careless and I don't ever seem to learn from my mistakes.

Growing up as a super horny kid, i was always dead afraid of being walked in on while jacking off. Considering how many times I was jacking off and getting my **** out on any given day, I surprisingly never was caught. So whenI got caught the first time, for a second I died a little inside...I was so damn embarrassed that I just froze. So when the woman I was with kept riding me, I didn't know what to do. So it was the night of my birthday, me and a group of other friends hit the town for a wild night. We ended up at one bar which was packed with people, including a few hens/bachelorette groups (it was a Saturday night after all). So we were drinking and having a good time, checking out the girls etc when one of my friends decides to bring this woman over from one of the bachelorette parties. He told her it was my birthday and gave her some bullshit story about how I have been eyeing her all night. Anyway it was kind of embarrassing but I figured she was as drunk as I so why the hell not. We chatted for a bit, had some more drinks, started making out when she asks if I wanted to go to her hotel. By the way this woman was a 35 year old milf and my buddy knew I loved the older girls so there was no way I was going to say no - this milf was going to give me the best birthday present a boy could ask for...and she did.

Fast forward a bit, we were naked on her bed, she was riding my **** when all of a sudden one of her friends from the hens group walks in (apparently the 2 of them were sharing the room). I could see the door open in front of me and the friend walk in but the milf had her back to the door so she didn't immediately see. When the friend realised what was going on, she left the room pretty quickly. As I said, i kind of just froze but the milf kept riding me (I'm gonna go ahead and use her name rather than keep calling her milf - her name was Laura). So Laura keeps riding me and tells me to keep pounding her and not to worry about it. It took me a while to get back into it but then this rush of adrenaline kicked and I swear my **** got harder. All of a sudden I thought it was the hottest thing ever. The next day I had to call my friend up and thank him - it easily was the best present I got all day.

And I've been getting caught ever since. Alot of the time it has been accidental but other times I must admit I try to get caught. I've also started ******* outdoors alot or in risky/public places. The one down side of it all is that I do get caught by my parents alot which gets pretty awkward. I'm bi so i've been caught with both men and women and it;s especially awkward for the parents to walk in on me ******* with an older guy or girl. So many more stories to share which I'll do on here. I'm more than happy to take any requests for stories on certain times or situations - hehe I've got a story for most scenarios you can think of :P
studlove8 studlove8
22-25, M
Jan 19, 2013