Sharing A Bed With His Friend

I had only had sex with two guys before I started dating my first official boyfriend. He was 6ft and I was really small, which made me a little scared about jumping into bed with him. His friends joked that he would rip me in half, and I had to agree- he was huge! I kept making excuses, like I wanted to wait and get to know him for a few weeks before sleeping with him, but I could tell he wasn't used to waiting.

One night he took me round to his friends place. His friend lived in a share accommodation place with lots of other guys so everybody shared a lounge and kitchen but had their own rooms. His friend was reluctant to let my boyfriend and I share his bed for the night, as he was also pretty tall but my boyfriend said, he wouldn't even notice I was in it since I was so small.

We hanged out with all the guys in the place and they gave me lots of drinks and we smoked lots of weed. When it came time to bed, I crashed out immediately. My boyfriend was behind me, spooning me, when I could feel him slipping my pants down. Then I could feel his hard ****, pushing against me, trying to find its way in, between my legs. This stirred me awake, and although I didn't want to have sex while his friend was sleeping on the other side of him, i was drunk, which made me horny enough to not care and hope he would sleep through it. I pressed my *** against him so he knew I was awake and wanting it. He got his **** inside me after a few good pushes, but even the alcohol couldn't stop the pain I felt from his size. He kept thrusting into me, holding onto my hips, and eventually he was able to get his whole **** inside me, and I was starting to love it and moaning. He rolled ontop of me and really started hammering away, and since his friend still looked like he was asleep, I held onto my boyfriend and kept moaning until he came and fell back in between me and his friend again.

In the morning his friend kept making sly remarks that I wasn't paying attention to, until he said bluntly, "I know you two were having sex last night. I hope you didn't fill her up with a belly full of spare parts." I was shocked and embarrassed, but my boyfriend just laughed. His friend then said he kept elbowing him to tell him to stop because he was awake, but my boyfriend said this just egged him on more to **** me harder. His friend said, "I guessed that, so I just layed there and listened." I couldn't look his friend in the eye for the whole day after that.
NeonAngel NeonAngel
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013