Caught Red Handed....well, Sort Of But Not Really :p

Great topic! VERY embarrassing!! Never told anyone about this before, so here goes! Its actually two things, first was when I was 11 and in the shower. I had finished pleasuring myself and was out and drying off. My penis was not fully erect anymore, but still enlarged, probably 3/4 erect still. Anyway, I was drying off and my mom walks in on me and sees me naked. Well, i freeze up and just stand there and so does she. She turns bright red as do I, and puts her hand over her mouth, and says "oh my goodness" and starts chuckling. I say stop, what's so funny? As I cover myself now. She just says nevermind, but I keep asking, what?, what? are you giggling about? Finally, she caves in and says, "I am sorry honey, I just can't believe how big your "ding dong" is getting." Obviously she saw my chubby and thought I had a big penis for  a boy my age I guess. Second incident below....

I was 13 and in bed one morning and woke up very horny with a hard on, so i started ************. It had been about two weeks, since I had any alone time, so I was really needing it. I was under the covers stroking away and I started to feel myself getting really "close" to *******. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use I hit the point of no return! I ********** non-stop for what seemed like 30 seconds or more. Finally, relief! Until I realized that I know have *** all over my sheets! Then, the knock at the bedroom door....Its mom and she is getting ready to do landry, and wants to come in. I panic and try to tell her to wait, as she is now in the room and I am still under the covers. She was insistant and told me to get up now, so she could get laundry started. I get out of bed and sort of cover myself, even though I had my pj's on, since there was a wet spot on my pajama bottoms. She pulls the sheets back, and gasps, "Good lord, what in the world did u spill all over your sheets!" I kept saying I dunno, I dunno... What are all these wet spots all over everywhere?! She would not back off and so I finally whispered, its boy stuff, its personal. She turned beat red, as did I and said "Its OK honey, all boys your age get horny and play with themselves." I said I was sorry, and that I didn't mean to finish, while I was in bed, but it just started coming out everywhere>" She told me that it was OK, and that accidents happen. She said, "Honey can I ask you something?" I said yes, and she said in a whisper, "Does so much stuff always come out like that when know.....shoot off. I told her I never had that much come out, before but i had not done it in about 2 weeks, so I guess thats why. She said thank goodness! Don't ever wait that long again, she said with a smile, as she pulled the sheets up and proceeded with laundry.....OK, comments??
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My mom caught me in bed as I was getting off. When I think about it now,it excites me.

Seems like mothers know when to show up at the wrong time. Your mom sounds cool.

What a sweet mom you have......

i too have been caught by my mom

well she seems cool about it all