Cant Get Enough

I got up early this morning and sat outside in the back yard naked and jacked off. I really like to ********** at least twice a day. My wife and i will ********** next to each other in bed before going to work most every morning.(less energy that early in the morning)
I some times jack off at work but only every once in a while. I alot of time after work go to the adult book store and ********** in a booth watching nasty ****.
i leave the door unlocked and have a few guys open the door and bust me in the act. I dknt stop or cover up i just keep going. But the best place to i love to ********** at is at the local lake/park....couples go there to ****, and some times guys go looking for c@ck... but most often you can find people male and female ************....guys and couples leave their car doors open to expose them self's.. i park so i can be seen too... after im done or before i start to jack offill walk around looking to see who i can bust in the act.
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Sep 21, 2012