Still Hard to Believe

I'm married and just turned 30. This story happened just under a year ago. I was working part time in a campus office, general student admin work, in New England while going to school. Nearly all the full time profesionalls in the office were women, and a number of them were lesbians in committed relationships. For a while I was filling in as the main admin under the executive director of my office. She was usually pretty busy and didn't bother with me too much. So, occasionally I would watch **** on my computer. If I got too excited I'd go to the bathroom to get off. But sometimes I'd squeeze my **** in my pants for a while first. There were a lot of close calls, and I thought no one ever noticed.

Then, on a slow work day, I was doing my thing, my boss walked through the office (her office entered through a door off of where I sat). I of course closed any open incriminating windows, put both hands where she could see them and tried to act innocent. She asked me to come into her office and asked me to close the door. Nothing too unusual there, sometimes I was privy to sensitive info. She said, 'Jim (not my real name), I know what you've been doing out there' I nearly panic, I said, 'what do you mean?' She said, 'don't make this awkward, I can see the bulge'. I could hardly breathe. She said, 'do it for me'. Me: 'what?' Her, I've never seen a man ***, I want to watch. So, i unzipped my khakis and went at it, ******* onto a table in her office. She actually touched my ***, and then rubbed my **** a little and asked if I felt better. I said 'sure'. She said good, try not to let this happen again.

I was pretty freaked and turned on by the whole thing. I graduated a few months later, we never talked about it, and I pretty much gave up getting off at work!

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what do you say to that... but damn