Just Happened Yesterday

Most of this week I've been driving first with wife down to AZ to pick up her sister then coming back to MN by way of Denver.Anyway as I say in one of my other groups I live in a sexless marrage. Fairly convient moust of time ,,due to my major impotence and wife's major indifference it works for us. the only thing is We sleep in sepeate beds otherwise I get horny and can't do anything about it.

Anyway for 3 nights while he sister was with us we slept together with Sandy in other bed on the 3rd night I woke up horny with my limp lil pen is aginst wifes bare butt

so I rolled to Edge of bed closes to sandys bed checked that she was asleep and started wacking I had my eyes closed actually fantasizing about Sandyand I opened my eyes to take a peek  and she had her eyes open watching my hand pump I probably should havre stopped but I was real horny so I closed my eyes and kept pumping..as I came I looked over and we made eye contact. Was worried something might be said but lookd like our secret.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

very interesting...


She never looked away :-)

Did she like what she saw?