Ok I Think Mine Tops Off of Yours Lol...

I was bout 14 and i was watching this late night show called "undressed" and it was mostly all bout sex. well the one episode, this guy showed this girl how to pleasure herself in the shower by putting a wrag on the shower head and letting one large main stream of water come off of it and hit you down there...

well.. i decided to try it. I always got a shower after school cuz of gym and stuff so i thought i would try it out the one time.
so there i am, laying on my back, holding my legs spread eagle in the air and letting the water hit me and

in walks my mom. she has to use the bathroom, im guessing she hears the water sounding weird instead of what it should of and pulled open the curtains.
I didnt even know she came in and there i am on my back with water STILL hitting me down there and she says

"what the hell are you doing?!"
i told her im cleaning myself down there.

to make things worse she ordered me out of the shower, told me to go to my room and then preceded to go down stairs and i heard her say something to my older brother who I heard say "ew gross"

and to make things even worse,  she told my dad over the phone with the windows WIDE OPEN so ALLLL the neahbors outside could hear

and he sat me down for ANOTHER sex talk.

talk about mortifying.

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Omg this similar happened to me too! I was in the bath rubbing my you no what and my mummy walked in! The water wasnt deep enough so she saw everything! It was before i stared shaving my privates aswell i was so embarassed!

wow...sorry you had that happen..should have been handled much better :(

Why can't parents be more understanding and less embarrassing with their children? As a parent myself, I have intended to be more approachable and understanding to my children. I still remember my childhood and what I thought and experienced. Children should be able to confide in and trust their parents. Nudity, sex, ************ and the like are NOT strange, they are normal, healthy parts of a person's life - it is expected and good.

You should have told her the true because, ************ is natural and I bet your parents and brother all did it.

she is bitchhhh

Would have sunk into the ground if I could !

"Good sex is like good Bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand."<br />
<br />
-- Mae West

I remember the convo with my the 14 y.o.<br />
<br />
"Sweetheart, I didn't know you were in the bathroom because the light was off. ALL I'm ever going to say to about the incident is this...<br />
<br />
"Please be sure to LOCK the door. Wash your hands before and after. OKAY - 'nuff said?"<br />
<br />
She agreed and it's all we've ever discussed about it. (although I WAS tempted to tell her she REALLY could get pregnant JUST by ************ :P )

id love to walk in on her doing that!!! i bet it was really hot!!

How are you now ? Do you look back and laugh or is it still embarrasing ? <br />
<br />
I lived in a home where sex was not discussed At All. I ended up always being embarrased to talk about ************ especially. That is untill recently, (I am 48 and a very slow learner:( ) <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing. It is so healthy to please yourself or have someone you trust do it for you. :)

I do not get it. We are all born s exual beings with s ex organs. But hell, it's a secret where we come from or how those genitalia could be used.
I also grew up in a very cocervative Afrikaans-speaking AND religious home n Namibia. S ex was never ever discussed, maybe alluded to. Are us humans stupid?
I have an intense interest in m asturbation, especially women doing it.

that sucks and your mom is (no offence) a b**** and i kinda fell bad for your dad

You poor dear.my mom used to catch me quite often when she would wake me for school I had to take care of the morning wood ,she would just act like she did not see anything and tell me to get up .I already was up hard as a rock.

Wow that really was bad. Sorry your mom did that to you. I hope that hasnt stopped you from still ************>?? send me an add if thats kool with you??

its very embarrassing to get caught. i can only say ,u r not alone,atleast i am there

damn, kind of hard to get happy after that

What a way to immaturely freak out on her part. She should have just let it be.

Pity that mom wasn't e teen...:)

How sad...mom, dad and brother have never pleasured themselves...you are the winner in this family! dc :-)

oh dear, not so good, humiliating

i remember undressed! used to love that show lol

yea its ashame they took it off air.

wow thats not good

lol, that was sooo wrong of her

geez, thats a rough one