Uh Oh

I was 14 and lying in a hammock being very horny. I thought I was alone, took matters in hand. I was within seconds of experiencing pleasure when I saw my mom standing there. She got to watch. I must admit it was kinda of a rush even if it was my mother. She said its normal, no problem. She has caught me a couple of times since.

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You have a great mom. Mine didnt mention it after she caught me.

Good times - I would be embarrassed too with my mom - rather than somebody else. My mom was washing me one day after I had broken my leg and was stuck with a thigh-high cast. I was in the sixth grade and was ******* off, on occation by that age. While she washed me starting from my neck and working her way down - don't know if it was the cool air as the water dried or her getting wet cloth rubbing / bumping into / against my **** - but my **** got hard and was poking straight up into my belly. She then said , ... " here, you can finsh.." . So then I just took the rag and finished washing up, not really thinking about my *****. I was never sexually attracted to my mom. Though I do remember a time when I walked into her bathroom while she was brushing her teeth one morning and could see down her nighty and she bent forward. I remember seeing her nipple and left breast in the reflection of the mirror. Her nip looked so hard and long perched on top of that nice full boob - none of the gals in my class had boobs or nipples like that. They were all "boy shaped" still.

Hey Casper27 what was your mothers reaction?

my mom walked in on me naked with a hardon

U have a cool mom that understands a girls needs

well at least she was cool about it

*Sylph is shaking her head*......... But you turned out well... so that's good, no?

Yes, it happened and it was a little to late to stop when I was at that point in time. I assume she had seen this experience before. I never felt embarrassed about it. Mom was casual about the whole thing.

A rush??? Are you serious???..... *Sylph shakes the shoulders of MS45*

That would still embarrass me even if she said that.