Just One Of The Many Times I Have Been Caught

this one was by accident the first time it happened. i had a job that allowed me to finsh early 2.30 3.00 most afternoos and as the house was empty i would often play. this day i was laying naked on my bed with a pair of my wifes knickers draped over my face as i was giving my self a nice slow tug. at the end of the bed was the dressing table with a mirror that reflected the doorway that was beside the bed. the door was slightly open i dont know why but i looked through the nickers and saw my step daughter (20yrs old) watching me  in the mirror. i dont know why i did not stop but i did not. i found it a real turn on as it was a family joke that i was below avaerage as i had been seen in the bathroom before but never seen with an errection. it gave me  a buzz for her to see me errect. it did not take long for me to *** over my hand and belly. when i looked again she was gone then i herd her making a noise downstairs. i cleaned up and went down trying to act normale and nothing was said. then again the same day next week it happened again. i saw her in the door way this happened a few times over the next few months.the only kinky thing that came about was that i started to notice her knickers in the wash basket on the wednesday (when i got home to play). so i decide to use a pair of her nickers and she saw me  but this time after i had finished she went to her room and shut the door i was scared that she would tell her mum but nothing was ever said  to this day it has never been mentioned allthough this happened a few times then just seem to die off.

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