Caught In Diaper's !

I was at Safeway with the neighbor's 10 year old son.Someone reported they saw me stealing something. I was actually adjusting my diaper tape. Store security and the female manager took me to a back room where I had to remove my pants to prove my innocence. They couldn't help but laugh.The neighbor's son told everyone. I had to move.I felt so ashamed having people see me in my diaper.
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And yet the real thieves often never get caught.

I love to wear plastic panties I wish someone would see them, I love to wear them .would love to meet another guy to share this with! B B

I am sorry that happened. I love to wear diapers, I am not incontinent I just like too wear tthem. I am happily married and my wife knows I am a d/l and she is ok with it as long as she does not see it on me. There are a lot of people who think is perverse and do not understand, just remember if they are picking and laughing they are usually hiding something that they do that they would not want anyone to know about. Keep your head up and keep wearing those diapers.

So sorry, my friend. But I don't see anything FUNNY. Lots of people have incontinence problems. It's a medical condition, right? Grocery stores sell this stuff regularly. Even if you are not incontinent, wearing a diaper, like wearing other things like body piercings or other adventurous stuff IS NOT a crime. As HawaiianBoy wrote, people judge too readily.

My cloth diapers hang outside to dry most of the time. My kids don't know, but the wifey does. If the neighbors ask, I'll tell them I have an incontinence issue, which is true in a way.

Best wishes.

Enjoy life!

I am so sorry for that situation. Unfortunately, there are too many judges out there. We are supposed to be free individuals. However, when we show just how free we are-people get scared of this freedom. Many times hurtful gossip, teasing, intimidation, and the like prevail. Not to worry here. I appreciate your honest story, and wish the outcome would have been different. If your were my neighbor or somehow this subject would surface, I would love to have coffee with you. I believe that this individual uniqueness, is the key-for the true meaning of life. Deep understanding and an open mind to everything, might equal friendship to all. Take Care............................

Beautifully put. I agree.

i have wore diapers out in public in hopes that some one would say something to me. hoping that i could start up a conversation about wearing diapers but it has never happened. or that someone would at least acknowledge in some way that they see me in my diapers and plastic pants.

They never do when you want them to, do they?