A Story About The Worst Day Of My Life

exacly two months ago i discovered that my GF for 7 months had been cheating on me for...6 months, she was the girl of my dreams and i would have given anything for her untill i found out that she had been seeing another guy,when i confronted her and the guy she told him i was a stallker that she had never had a reletionship with me at that moment i completly broke down I didnt cry and i didnt show my pain to anyone i just shut down i did the bare minum at everything just so i can go home and crawl in to bed again i started recovering maybe two weeks back and only tonight i was ready to share this story with people who know my pain.
kayamar01 kayamar01
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Kaymar01 I can't understand how upsetting that must feel. That is the most self-centered action a person could take out on another person. You encountered someone who doesn't know how to relate to people on a normal level. You didn't deserve that, and no one does. That's a cheap shot and a shallow move by a very selfish and insecure girl.