I'm Confused, What Does This Mean?

Ok so to make a long story short, my first love and I had been together for almost 5 years. He broke up with me over the summer but still tried to talk to me all the time and always kept up on what I was doing. When the summer was over, he begged to do something with me so I went out with him for an evening (I thought we were just friends) Well it turned out he pleaded to get back together that he loved me and was miserable without me. Well, I fell for it (because I still loved him) and we were back together for about a week. Well one day he told me he couldn't see me because he had "homework" to do apparently all day long. I got pissed because I knew he was not in school and so he got angry and left. I hadn't heard from him for 2 days and neither had his parents, so they asked me to go check on him. Well I did and found him with another girl. He swore up and down it was his new "roommate" that needed a ride to work. I didn't buy it and got REALLY pissed and left. Well needless to say I was devastated and thought I was going into depression. To make matters worse, 3 days later I find out that he is engaged (didn't help the devastation, especially all the lovey posts found on facebook between him and his fiance) This really made me wonder how long things were going on with them before he got back with me. I was so confused because that same week he was begging me to get back with him and he would do anything and now he's engaged and madly in love with someone else. Well Then about a week later, his mom tells me that he called her and said his wife might be pregnant. Then she finds out that they are already married! (they got married like a week after they were apparently engaged). I'm pretty pissed at this point and start blaming myself for not giving him sex and everything else I could have done wrong. I truly felt like there was something wrong with me. Well I try to move on and start dating some other guys (one his mom and dad introduced me to). Well when his mom told him I was going out with this friend of hers, my ex flipped out and got angry about it. Then that night I got a text from my ex (had been over 3 weeks since my last text from him) that he hoped we were happy together and he will always care about me and look out for me. I talked to him for a bit and told him I was really hurt about what he did but that he will always be a part of me too. He then tells me things like he wished it was me he married and that I'm still his angel and all this stuff, I don't think much about it. He keeps texting me though and talking about memories with me and that he still dreams of me and other things like this. I don't know what this means, is he trying to make things right with me so he doesn't feel like an ***, or does he still truly love me, and why would he be texting me when he's married? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
ahishimasu ahishimasu
Nov 3, 2011