Not By Hubby, But Many Before Him

"Cheating," to me, is not even only sexual, but I've had all types of cheating done to me.  I tried to understand what was so wrong with me that no one could stay faithful.  But, then I realized that nothing was wrong with the guys I cheated on (not many, but too many anyhow). 

I had one boyfriend apologize up & down for getting oral sex at a party from this one girl I knew.  This was soon after we got together.  I took him back.

I had another guy tell me that he made out with someone, thought he loved her because he never had someone find him attractive (until me, but I obviously wasn't making THAT good of an impression) and put me on hold for an entire summer.  I waited for him and dated him for a couple years.

So, I was cheating my self worse of all by going back to them and letting them think they got away with it.  Can't blame them.

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2 Responses May 18, 2008

Well I am glad you found a good guy and stopped getting cheated on.

It's too bad that people can't be on the same page about relationships. If a man or woman wants to be a playa, that's fine if that's what they want out of life, but don't get together with someone who wants a committed relationship.