We had to write angry slam poems in my writing class the day after I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. Excuse the cursing, and yeah mine came out Rappy
Too many f*cking lies,
F*cking, "I'm busy tonight."
Think I was stupid?
Think they'd fly?
Well, I ain't gonn cry,
Not for you B*tch,
Tu eres mi amor,
Para siempre
Haha. **** NO.
Lloro por ti B*tch, Adios
I'm out the damn window.
Shotgun, Razor,
How the **** we do this?
You don't get no f*ckin' b*tches,
Cause you ain't got the swagger,
Youre just a godd*mn f*ggot.
Gay @$$ motherf*cker, ain't got no balls,
What? You be ignoring my calls?
Can't get it up, can't f*ckin' stay hard.
You don't get no str*ppers,
No f*cking Visa, No Masters Card
You a d*mn dirty f*cker,
I fell for it.
A stupid sucker.
But I'm back
And better than ever,
Imma f*ckin' tar you and feather,
You ain't got the speed,
The cool, The Swaggie,
Hide yo' f*cking face in a paper baggie,
You f*ckin' cheater,
It'd be nice to meet her,
Or should I say them?
How many b*tches,
You be foolin'?
I'm over it b*tch,
Go f*ckin die in a ditch.
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

I like rapping too lol. That was sick :) I wish I could make a song with you LOL

NO i didnt notice.creative XD

get em lol,u really wrote that?