Lies And Cheats

I've told various parts of my story before, but the worst part of it all is seeing it coming. I'm an intelligent guy, it's easy to realize when someone isn't into you as much as they once were.

In the beginning there are constant phone calls and texts, that burning desire to be with them all the time. Those are the times that you look forward to and cherish when you are single. But when you come home from work, to find them glued to the computer and ready to pick a fight over anything just so they can leave for the evening without you...that is when the red flags are quite apparent.

When I would ask her what I felt was obvious, her remarks would go on the counter-attack: "stop being insecure" she would say while avoiding eye contact.  She lied even when presented with proof that my best friend went online after she left her facebook up, and told me about a conversation where she had unprotected sex on the floor of a hotel with a guy she just met for the first time. Lied to the point where it nearly ended my friendship. She lied all the way up until I contacted the guy myself and he confirmed it. Found out 15 minutes before my shift. My friend didn't lie as much as I didn't want to believe it. Bros before hos.

These cheaters will lie and lie, many times because they have a whole lot to lose. I was her provider since she didn't work, and me finding out would mean she would have to find a new place to live. She anticipated that, and in the time it took me to figure out she cheated, she found a 3rd guy to latch onto. Too bad she is pregnant now with his 4th kid. Even if you get away with it, don't assume karma won't find you in the end.
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Yeah that's true. I want a man with morals n values. I need a kick in the head too

How did you get over the butterfly anxiety feeling in your stomach because of the hurt?

I know what you mean. This is the worst kind of hurt any one person can feel. I am in the same position and I just don't understand how someone can lie and hurt somebody they were supposedly in love with. I hope they get it back ten times worse! Like you said Karma will find them.

Thanks for the kind words. Like you, she has always been this way as well...that wolf had some top class sheeps clothing. I thought her past mistakes were because she was young and immature, and needed a more stable influence in her life. I needed a kick in the head too, not every girl I've dated was like this and my goal is to find a girl with morals and values.

I know how you feel. Just have gone through this with my ex boyfriend. Now I know am better off. Cause he always been this way. I just needed a kick in the head. Please take care