Cheater Husband !

After five years of loving relationship I married to my boyfriend. I felt like top of the world then. But I didn't know at that time that he was not feeling the same! After our marriage he started to act strangely as it seemed like that he took me as granted . We didn't even go to our honeymoon ! He started to be so busy with his job that he seldom had time for me. regarding silly issues he used to misbehave with me...sometimes he used to hurt me physically also. I tolerated all these things just because I was blindly in love with him. After a year and half he started to cheat on me..he got an affair with one of his day I found some gifts from her to him and confronted him but he just denied all of it..after that day he started to lie to me. This thing continued for another year and half. During thing this period our relation had been the worsted ..he threated me of divorce. But I got pregnant in the mean time and he ,for the first time of our marriage started caring me. As I didn't had any specific proof against him I thought maybe he was going to be changed from then. Our first daughter was born after a year, I was very happy but then one day I saw a massage on his phone regarding their love-affection.. I could'nt control myself then and shouted like anything . He lied to me again that nothing had happened between them,that girl is after him. I trusted him and talked with her and she threated me that she would see me. I stopped that time as my daughter was very small that time.. But that girl made my life horrible for the next five years..we shifted to Canada and my second child was born by then, she went all the way to Canada behind us and started to communicate with my husband again. This time he confessed everything to me that he used to sleep with her couple of times even in my bedroom! After that day I am leading life like a livingdead..I didn't divorced him for the sake of my kids as he did everything he could to apologize for his mistake and begged me not to leave him. my children are doing fine, my husband is a completely different person now to prove himself to me,gave up all of his bad hundred percent to his family....but after all these happenings my world,faith,confidence everything seems upside down. I tried to suicide several times,have gone to mental instructions but in no ways I can forget the cheating had done to me..every single day of my past 20 years mocks at I think what is the meaning of love then? what is the result of my loyalty and trust?? I am still searching for these answers........
Shurovi Shurovi
36-40, F
2 Responses May 14, 2012

I really appreciate your concern about me. Thanks a lot for your valuable advice . I truly need this thing right now to forward my life and that is why I'm sharing my experience in this project to drain my pain n Find some peace...thanks again n stay well in life..

I'm sorry your going through this. I can only hope that things get better for you. The only advice I have (which is probably not helpful at all) is to try and take your husband out of the equation. By that, I mean, to slowly separate from him. First, mentally, don't rely on him for certain thing like usual. Handle it yourself. Then, gradually he'll be less in your life. You deserve better. Life is so short and we only get one. Spend as much of it being happy, doing whatever you want to do. I wish you luck!!!!