Husband Cheated Should I Stay?

i have been married to my husband for 2 yrs and togeather 8, on new years day he walked out on me and our 6 year old daughter saying he no longer felt the same for me. In february we got back togeather after 2 days he left again saying he only loved me as the mother of his child. In march we got back togeather again ( yes i know im a mug) i found his mobile hiding under the bed so tried to have a look and he went mad at me saying i had no right, 5 minutes later he broke down in tears in front of our daughter and said he took a girl on 2 dates and kissed her, but as soon as he kissed her he realised it was still me he wanted and loved, he was still in contact with her and told her things about our marriage and daughter that wasnt nothing to do with her. after a couple of days of me and my daughter crying and him begging for another chance i agreed to give our marriage another go, In the 6 weeks we have been back togeather he has dissapeared clubbing 2 times and no came home at all till the next day, and last night i found a message on his playstation saying i really can't lol im on with the boss today x, when confronted he said that it was a mate from work to take the playstation that he loves me. I really don't no what to believe he comes home straight after work and doesent go out again and we have no house fone and he doesnt have a mobile. I can't work out if hes still seeing her again and its driving me mad , he says i need to learn to trust him again but am so scared incase he hurts me again. I cry most days, feel empty and lonely if it wasnt for our daughter i would just end it all please help! im only 25 and want to stop feeling like this I love him so much but am terrified incase hes still seeing her.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I'm 32 and I have 5 kids with my husband whom I just caught (almost 2mo ago) sending fb messages to a coworker. If I only had one child and was 25yo like yourself, I would walk away. I would start my life over and make it better. Do things my way, w/o having to constantly talk about every little thing and y it's bad or better to do this rather than that. Love, I say, is transferable. Find someone deserving of your love. Join a gym, try new things, get your daughter started in a new hobby, and travel until all u want to do is go home. Figure out where your true home is then live there. Life is too short to have to wallow in sadness, feeling unloved. LIVE and be FREE!!!