He Slept With 10 Girls Who All Happened To Live With My Best Friend Part 1

This may very well be one of the most amazing cheating discovery stories ever. It all started my freshman year of university when I met Dave! Dave was absolutely amazing, so confident, great body and I couldn't believe out of all the girls he wanted me. I immediately dumped my hometown boyfriend and started an intense relationship heavily based on sex with Dave. We lived in a coed dorm and since it was our first times living away from home we were able to spend every minute together. So much sex I still don't think I've ever reached some of the records we set. Although I blindly fell in live with Dave that first year together in residence I won't pretend there wasn't any warning signs with this cheater. I mean he told me a. That he cheated on every girlfriend he ever had and b. while we were just seeing each other he got with another girl. There was also the fact that my roommate and all my friends absolutely hated him. Including my friends from home etc. There was the time he tried to film us ******* in his room without telling me. Then when I noticed he still tried to get me to give him head on tape. He was also extremely controling and jealous Anyways needless to say i was 19 and naive. Lol i thought i could change him ofcourse. flash forward to the summer when I drive the 4 hours ( we lived in different towns during the summer) with my best friend Megan. We had a great time and ofcourse I got my fill of Dave. So in the fall of our second year I was devastated when Dave decided not to come back to our university(his marks were terrible as we never went to class and spent most of our days in bed the year before) but we decided to tough it out cause we were in love and were sure to visit each other as much as possible. I visited him for the last time that new years. My feelings were starting to dwindle but he cried (full on tearful sobs) and told me I was the one and he would move back to the university town with me the next year and we should start looking for places. I went back to school with a new love for him really ready to make it all work again. That was jan 3rd lol on jan 7th (3 days before my birthday my friend Megan called from her school (which happened to be just 30 min. From where Dave was livingand where we had visited together in the summer). Megan had just made a new friend Rachel while outside smoking. When they got to talking Megan found out that Rachel was from a town not too far from Dave and she asked if Rachel knew him. " oh I know him what a **** he totally slept with me this summer on canada day and then kicked me out because his gf was coming the next day, what a ****.... God feel bad for whoever he was dating then" Megan in shock pryed as many details out of this girl as possible, eventually telling her that she was actually best friends with his gf . If you want to know the rest of this story feel free to read part 2 .
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wtf lol thats messed up lol