He Went Away And So Did Our Relationship

Ok, so I was in a relationship over a year ago with this mutual friend of two of my close friends and he was the sweetest guy ever. He messaged, texted and talked to me everyday and although he was almost three years older than me (I was 17 and he was almost 20), he was a really nice guy.
He worked really long hours and I was in school a lot of the time, but we found time to see each other and I would go to his football games, cheer on his team in the cold and the rain, but I went. He didn't pressure me to move the relationship on and he never discussed it either or brought it up.
We would just talk for hours and it would be about anything, but just before he went on a boys holiday things got a little weird. He would turn up late to dates or not talk to me for a while, but I just put it at the back of my mind and thought 'he's just getting ready to go on holiday'. I didn't want to be the clingy girlfriend because it seemed (to me at least) that it was a miracle enough that a guy this much older than me was interested in me.
So he went on holiday and it was when he came back that everything changed. We started ok and he was really flirty again, but then I saw that he had pictures of other girls on his phone. Then he got further and further apart from me. It was when I heard from a friend that the girls that were on his phone were people that he'd been with and my world was really crushed. Then I finally got up the courage to confront him and one of our 'friends' had told him that my best friend's cousin was in love with me.. Our 'friend' had said that while he was away, I'd spent a lot of time with the cousin and it was true, but that was because he'd just moved here and hung out a lot with my best friend when I went to stay with her or see her. He got angry that I was hanging out with someone who had a crush on me and then we had a huge fight and he admitted to sleeping with other girls while on holiday because he was drunk and I told him that it wasn't working out because we just weren't, but him admitting it just made it worse.

Being cheated on is terrible because you feel like it is your fault a little for not seeing the signs or just letting it pass, but after a year I am happier and in a more stable relationship. I just hope it never happens again because it is a terrible feeling.
OddChildOut OddChildOut
18-21, F
May 16, 2012