My Husband Wasn't Who I Thought He Was!

I would have been happily celebrating my nine year wedding anniversary at the end of this month but, things didn't go that way. Everything started to go south a few months before the end of the year. It seemed all my husband wanted to do was pick a fight. It was over some of the silliest stuff. Then he became emotional distant and would not tell me what was wrong. He wasn't acting like he loved me anymore. I suggested that we see a therapist and he would shoot down the idea. In December we have a fight and he went to stay with him mom. We started to work things out, then shortly after the new year he would text non stop. He told me they were friends from work. Suddenly, the friends would be a priority. He would ignore me and our 3 year old son. He would also kind of hide the phone while he was texting. I finally, got fed up and demanded to see his phone. He told me it wasn't any of my business who he was texting. I waited till he fell asleep and called one the the contacts, it was a man. He stated he did not know that my husband was married or that he was a man at all. He had been pretending to be a woman over the phone. I had also found out he had sent private pictures of me to these strangers. He told them that they were pictures of him. Long story shot he was talking and texting both men and women pretending to a woman named "Kim". I have filed for divorce and waiting to hear when my court date will be. You think you know someone and they turn out to be someone completely different.
LeeAmber LeeAmber
May 20, 2012