I Can't Get Over My Boyfriend Cheating On Me

I started "dating" this boy who I was absolutely head-over-heels in love with. He had introduced me to many of his friends who were all extremely nice to me. After about a month he said he was going camping with his guy friends...I guess I didn't realize this included a girl whom he has been involved with many times before(also who I was introduced to and acted like she was my best friend and then said things about me to other people - I didn't even know this girl). They got drunk and had sex and he told me while we were spending the night at his parents house. If this were not enough, three months later we had gotten in a fight and he ran off, ignored me, cheated on me again...with the same girl, and had made plans to cheat on me again with another girl a few hours away (this never got carried out because he didn't have gas money to go see her-he didn't tell me about this girl and his plans until quite recently) and THEN suddenly changed his facebook status to single. I found out about all of this through his best friend (who was also dating the girl that my boyfriend cheated on me with - not making this up, it seems to only happen in the movies) who facebook-chatted with me.
A while later we ran into each other at a bar and went to talk outside and he didn't say a word to me about cheating on me until I confronted him about it (so I really have no idea if he was planning on telling me...probably not because he figured I would hear about it because all of our friends already knew) when the girl who was a few hours away kept calling (at this point I was unaware he had plans to go see her...the next day). We ended up getting back together. It's been only two months since the most recent incident. I don't feel that two months is an unreasonable amount of time to still be hurt over everything, however, he acts like I should be over it by now and he can't keep "trying to atone for his mistakes". I understand that I took him back, I forgave him, but he doesn't understand that I haven't forgotten. It still hurts... a lot. I don't really know the steps to take to get over it...I think about it all of the time. Today is our 6 month anniversary.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Staying with him only proves how much more of an idiot you are to him. HiS feelings for are obviously aren't near as strong as yours are and he's probably still cheating on you. Take whatever is left of your dignity and leave. Staying with him is only tarnishing your self worth. Leave. Don't be stupid.

I feel for you my partner cheated on me lied for a year I found the evidence I needed and confronted him he let me have a go at him about it but now 3 months later he expects me to be over it and accept its In the past, he had a two week affair :(