Stabbed In The Back

September 2010, wife of 12 years decides she is going to see "friends" . I say that's fine. I will look after the kids. Few days later get a phone call from where she is, " i missed the plane". I will be coming on tuesday. Tuesday comes , she calls me from the airport on returning. " I'm leaving you" 

I find out later she has been cheating on me. for a long time . She has been with this guy from face book.To add insult to injury I now find out she is even pregnant. She had an abortion previously saying she could not have kids because of medical reasons , now she was ok . Also she nagged me to death to get a vasectomy. Now i know how evil she is.She has lied to the police along with that bastard and tried to put me in prison.

Well it's family tradition, her cousin did it, father's done it now it was her turn. Stabbing people in the back is normal from them. I have been through hell. Now the family is saying I made her do it. I hope they all get their Karma.
ozzieshikari ozzieshikari
2 Responses May 29, 2012

My wife didn't get pregnant but did turn on me when she was caught and made allegations. My entire family had to help me fight them. It was brutal but they were dismissed. I am trying to make our marriage work and love my children enough to stick it out, but man it is lonely....

That's awful. That is just downright evil. Just found out my wife has been cheating on me with several men from internet dating sites in my home, in my bed. I feel your sickness. Mine wants to stay. I'm not sure if I can though.<br />
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Move on, find someone and be happy. Do stuff for yourself, things that make you happy. Best of luck.

I'm sorry to hear that.It is like a hundred knives. It's a sick feeling and it still hurts . People who cheat affect a not only their immediate family but all around them.once she has cheated on you , it will be very hard to trust her again. get rid of the bed. And get rid of her. She will do it again.