Should I Stay Or Should I Leave?

My boyfriend cheated in me after 4 months of dating with his ex girlfriend. And I decided to stay but she still kept texting him. I found out I was pregnant and it seemed to get better. We had good days and some really bad days. Something happened and he ended up in jail. I left him but I still loved him deeply. He was out on bail and we got back together and decided to make it work. He was out on bail for a year and again we has our ups and downs. He got sentenced to 4 yrs and 7 days after our daughter's first birthday he went in to start his sentence. A month later I found out I was pregnant again. And now after 3 yrs he tells me the when he was out on bail he cheated on me again and that he be the father to that girl's kid. I love him so much and I have been by his side through EVERYTHING but I don't know if I can deal with this.
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11 Responses May 30, 2012

Get out , Get out fast...

After all that you have no one to blame but yourself for staying with that jerk so dont expect sympathy

For ***** sake, LEAVVEEEE !!!!

Walk away
I truly believe that "trust is like virginity, you only lose it once..." You deserve better and shouldn't let lonelyness influence you to make a bad decision.

I know love feels strong, but it sounds like your in love with the man when things are good...which seems to be less often then not. What it comes down to is that you deserve someone who supports you in your stressful times not add to them. He is cheating you out of possibly meeting someone who can be the mAn you deserve. You will never find him if you keep yourself on this emotional roller coaster. Believe me, I'm not implying that your boyfriend is not a genuenly good person and I'm sure he cares for you, but is it enough? a guy can be a good person, but a bad boyfriend. He is the father of your kids and hell always be that, but sweetie you deserve a partner, so what you need to ask yourself is whether or not you two are a team in all the important areas. If Not then Set yourself and him free.

For yourself and children... you need to walk away from this man. It is obvious that he does not care for you.. or he wouldn't continue to cheat on you. Cheating is a choice.. he is making a clear choice multiple times to be with someone else other than you. Walk away.. for you, for your kids and for your future. It will hurt to leave and it won't be easy but you need to.

OMG - if he was in jail - was it for dishonesty? - he seems to have big trouble with rules, law and respect. He cannot be trusted GET OUT NOW!

i agreed with all. yes, love is hard to forget. but, hey! we live once, use it as good as u can. seriously, dont waste ur valuable life! go out, find another person dat can change EVERYTHING!

sory for bad english...

When we ask this question we know the answer we just dont want to accept it. Allow him to be part of your daughters life but dont continue a relationship. He has betrayed your trust and it will be hard to get that back with him, respect yourself.

Don't make your life harder than what this loser's just made for himself. You deserve much better and I know it.

This dude is nothing but trouble. Get out. Love does not trump LIFE!

Leave him and move on. Life is too short! Don't waste your love on this loser guy.