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Cheater Of Beauty

I see her walk down
She looks so fine
Would you like to stop
For dinner sometime?

But remember deep
Deep in my side
That she is just
Another lie

How about dinner?
Table for two
I think I'm liking this
Me and you

But remember deep
Deep in my side
That she is nothing more
Than a white lie

So we decide together
Hopping in bed
My girl better not know
Or I be dead

But remember deep
Deep in my side
This gal here
Nothing more than a lie

So we keep it real
And my girl finds me here
So what do I do
No that she tears?

I remember deep
Deep in my side
That chick was
One hell of a lie
BloodRedShadow BloodRedShadow 18-21 5 Responses Jul 16, 2012

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Amazing, absolutely incredible.

I just wonder why would people cheat on someone with someone they know is not the real thing? It is stupid. But maybe it is because they have not found the real thing YET that is why they continue to seek and do not know the difference between love and is sad!

lovely poem

Thank you. It is not my best work, but thank you anyhow.

Beautifully written, and a great insight into humanity, not only it's foibles, but it's will to survive

This is simple and powerful. Was she worth it, really? Heartfelt...You surprise me, BloodRedShadow! Really! Now, more please...With interest.....

Thank you lady huntress! I am truly honored by your words. ^-^