She Had The Same Name As Me

I've been cheated on only once (from what I know of...)

His name was Ivan. He was a Mexicano with great looks and charm. He would speak to me in Spanish and my heart would melt, I would speak to him in Russian and I thought his heart melted too, but I was wrong, his **** just went up.

I dated him when I was 13 (grade 8) he was my first "serious" boyfriend and we dated for 2 month. It felt like a life time for me back then, because all my other boyfriends only lasted for about 2 weeks.

I met him at an ESL program that I went to when I first came to Canada. A year and a half later we started dating.

He was in high school (grade 10) so I felt like a badass dating an older guy (a very hot one also) I would walk down the hallway and be like **** YEA!
We would take long walks on winter mornings and he would whisper sweet things in my ears. He would promise me the world. But of course, all he wanted was sex. I don't blame him though because he was just a horny little teenager.

Although, I was young and naive, I wasn't naive enough to fall for him and I never gave him my body, only my lips.

So, two month later I was walking home from soccer practice with my friend, she was a year younger than me, and we started talking about my boyfriend.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he's in high school" (of course I had to mention that he's in high school every time somebody asked)

"what's his name?"


"oh... what's his last name?"


“oh... my friend (who had the same name as me) is dating him too”

I didn't believe her.

I went home and messaged him and asked him if he was cheating on me. He said no way! I was his life, his world, his everything!!

Yeah his everything my ***

But I believed him.

The next day in school, I decided to just come up to the girl and ask her. I thought it was the best way to settle this. She was standing with all of her friends, and I was brave enough to ask her in front of everybody. She said she was dating him, and we were both pretty pissed off. We walked to class and cursed him all the way there. We were best friends for the rest of that day.

Naturally, our fellow classmates took great interest in our romantic life. People urged us to perform a public break up in the soccer field, in front of my house. We rehearsed how we would take turns slapping the **** out of him.

It was exciting, but its not my style, so I decided to just quietly break up with him alone.

He came to my door, and I looked him in the eyes and asked him one last time if he was cheating on me. He didn’t even flinch. It was a straight “no” without a blink.

It didn't feel good.

I told him I knew about her and that I couldn't see him anymore. He begged me, kept calling me, said she didn’t mean anything to him BLAH BLAH BLAH

I'm telling you, that guy knew how to talk.

So, a couple of days passed, and I heard that she got back together with him. I came up to her during break and asked her if the rumors were true and she said,

"yeah! He looks hot now cuz he got a haircut"

I face palmed myself at her unbelievable stupidity and walked away.

I have to admit, he was smart to get a girl who had the same name as me. He fooled me. He cheated on me for a whole month without me even suspecting.

In a strange way, I'm glad I got cheated on at such a young age. I learned not to trust people so easily no matter how charming and sweet they may be. 
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I'm impressed with how well you handled yourself, and it's great you found out what a lying pathetic jerk he is really early. I'm 19, and I got cheated on by my boyfriend of 4 years. And my ex was quite the charmer. He was a player and he changed with me (or I thought he did). In my case, I gave my body to him and almost had a baby with him (miscarried). Anyway, I learned at 19, what you learned at 13. I'm proud of you.

funny life how it revolves like this

He's a dumbass. That's all I have to say. HUGE dumbass.

I agree with your last statement, you really are lucky to have had this experience at an early age.<br />
Ive only recently suffered from something similar and it almost killed me, my whole world fell apart, but it will be a long time before Ill be able to write a story about it in detail.<br />
Its hard to self analyse right now, but I know this experience will have changed me, but for the better or worse ? I just dont know yet.

That's very depressing. How could anyone lie like that? Well I've been cheated on several times and i have learned to just go numb about it in fact just a few months ago i was cheated on but she didn't lie like that guy. I don't trust anybody so easily anymore either.

yeaaa it sucks to be cheated on :(

Big time.

:( What an *******. You don't deserve that at all. Most guys are really nice, but some of them just date girls for the wrong reasons. It's really a shame because those guys who do that have the potential to be such sweethearts and actually have a great relationship for a long time, but they mess it up by thinking with their private parts, not their hearts.

i totally agree!..