Love Hurts, Love Is Divine

Well i only been in 3 relationships, and been cheated on 2 out 3 of them. This one particularly hurt the most and truly messed with my mind. I just moved to a big city, i use to live in a small town when it happened. Lets just say word gets around there. I had heard from a really good friend of mine that my girlfriend had been cheating on me with his co-worker. I confronted her about it and she denied everything made me feel like i was delusional and my friend was lying. I tried to ask a couple times and each time she would get more and more defensive, at this time i had cut off contact with that friend(stupid me right?). Well one day, the guy she was cheating with, my friends co-worker, came forward and told me that they had been fooling around.... for a month and a half!! I was so blinded by my love for her, i believed everything she told me, i loved her dearly i would have died for her. Then when i heard that i was soo livid i started drinking everyday even came to the point were id go to work hung over smelling like booze and get sent home. Im over it now.... kinda, it still hurts but i am on a right path. I just dont know how someone can do that, and even more, tell me she loves me... she have never told me she loved me before these accusations started. i even told her a month priori loved here,no response( i know im not the brightest) i shoulda broke it off than and saved my self from all the pain and those mind games. I lost my dignity, my love for myself, and worst of all a friend a loyal friend who had the courage to tell me and i ****** him over. Me and my old friend have reconciled, but i still feel guilt for the way i was towards him. Im now single and lonely, but i got great friends who care and its enough i guess. It has not made me scared to love though, when i feel it i will jump in with two feet and a smile, love is devine, love is the most amazing feeling in the world, but you cant have your high with out a low, so expect to get hurt.
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Forgive yourself and move on. When you are in love you owe it to the one you love to be loyal to them. You were not stupid you were taken advantage of. Big difference. All the shame belongs to her. You can feel good about having done right by her.