Still With Him After All The Pain.

I was working away from home and we had a son together. He was a good father and still is. I found out about the other woman who had his baby when I was 7 months pregnant with our second son. I forgave him because I thought it was because of the long distance relationship. In 2006 I was lucky enough to get a transfer back home. He also seemed to be pleased about it. Guess what, the following there was another baby with another woman and their relationship had been going on for over 5 years without my knowledge. To make things worse he even built a house and bought a car for her. He always says I'm the only woman he can live with and he loves me. I don't trust him and I really don't know how I feel about him right now. My kids are now 14 and 16 respectively and he is great with them and they love him very much. I wish I could find a way to just leave him without hurting my boys.
Felicity, Cape Town
Beares Beares
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Be strong and follow your mind. People say follow your heart but your heart will screw you over. I never understand how people can deceive others in such an immense way. I am sorry you are going through this. Do your boys know about the other children? They seem to be old enough to have a chat with. People may not agree with me but I think you should try to talk to your kids about it. You are obviously unhappy and seem to only be staying for the kids. That is no way to make anyone happy. You don't have to tell them all of the details but I personally beieve in open honesty. My mom was always transparent with us about things. We grew closer because of it. I hope you find the answers you seek. If you need, I am here. -Dizzy Girl-