Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame On Me. But What If I Get Fooled 5 To 6 Times

Well that was me, I've been in a relationship for 5 years with a guy who constantly cheats on me. At least once or twice a year. The most recent one I found out about on July 24, 2011. It was with his friends' sister. Of course I know the details. I have been nothing but faithful for the past 5 years we've been together. I didn't even think about cheating because I was scared to lose him. Before I found out about the cheating this is the guy I wanted to marry and have kids with. I gave him my virginity. But recently I can't see that future anymore, at least with him. And after losing sight of the future I thought I had with this guy, something caught my eye. A very handsome, sexy older man. Black hair, hazel eyes, and dimples that will make your knees weak. I wanted him and by the third date I had him. It was amazing..the things he did, the way he touched me. He wanted to please me. Getting me excited made him excited. The foreplay (something my boyfriend wasn't big on) made me feel alive again. I felt wanted and womanly and amazing. My confidence and self esteem had definitely taken a beating in the 5 year relationship but after Mr. Dimples dropped me off I felt confident again..Something I haven't felt since the early days of my relationship. Mr. Dimples does not want a girlfriend and that's good because I don't want or need another boyfriend. Mr. Dimples asked me to be his friend with benefits and after remembering all the cheating my boyfriend had done, how I broke down in the middle of class and had to fake it off as being sick, how I cried my eyes out for three days straight with no food or sleep. I just kept seeing myself curled up on a balcony (to get away from him) at 5am crying my eyes out and wondering what I'd done wrong, curled up on the couch under covers, balled up tissue all around me, my face and eyes red from all the crying, eveyone knowing about the cheating except for me and telling me how sorry he is and how I should give him a break. But I knew..he did it once, he'd do it again, I'd heard the same apology from him 6 times before. That night I accepted Mr.Dimples offer to be his friend with benefits. It's been a short time but I don't regret it and I don't feel guilty at all yet. I laid down with the dogs but I don't have fleas yet. We'll see what the future holds for me
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I was cheated on too by my boyfriend of almost 3 years and I forgave him but I never forget it. I always wanna cry about it and I have no trust. Im scared of losing him though I love him still

Babe, I gotta say, even from a guy's perspective I find no flaw in your logic. True, your sit is a disaster, but then which of us hasn't ever found themselves in our own catastrophes, right? I've decided that's how some of life's deepest truths have to be learned. It takes a lot of daring to make the right mistakes!

On a side note, I identify deeply with your comment that, "Getting me excited gets him excited" - hun, nothing, NOTHING is hotter than seeing a gal enjoy her passion on me, watching it build and overflow, hearing her music as she gives into bliss and delivers herself into that release....ahhhhhh! Oh dear that's just lovely - right, wrong, or indifferent, I would not trade those moments for all the pain they may have eventually led to!

If you really love him turn the tables on him and let him catch you in the act somehow. If he really loves you you will ignite some jealousy in him. Of course don't admit that sex with this guy is way better or you'll crush his self esteem too much and he won't fight for you. Tell him how hurt you've been by his actions and that this guy says he's in love with you, snd even though you don't return his feelings because you're still in love with him, that you can't help but feel drawn to him due to the attention. Learn how to become a vixen in bed. Give him the kinkiest sex he's ever had then become somewhat unavailable. Men only want what they can't have. Is this playing mind games? Absolutely! Men get bored, and want the hunt etc. Beat him at his own game. Out smart him! It works. There is an on line downloadable link that gives you instructions on how to give the best blow job in the world. I swear this guy knows his ****. I went from being a 4/10 to a 10/10 in giving blow jobs and that gave me the upper hand!

Lol thanks for the advice. I'll definitely try it out

Why keep the boyfriend? Your FWB seems to bo the perfect perfect person to have until you find another boyfriend. And leave yourself open for interesting guys until the right one comes along.

Why keep both...I don't know...I have tried to break up with my boyfriend plenty of times but I always make excuses and exceptions for him. I used to tell myself I would never stay in a relationship with someone who cheats on me but everytime I catch him cheating I always tell myself "If this happens again I'm leaving" I've actually lost count of how many times I've said that. I know I'm being an enabler after a certain point but after being with him for so long I have some sort of false hope that he'll change...but when I use my brain instead of my heart I know 100% that he's not going to change

You're still in love. But love isn't enough for him and his behavior has changed your behavior. You never wanted an FWB but since you have one you might as well enjoy because you'll feel the pain of your boyfriend's next sleep around. He's not going to stop because he knows you love him and have excepted him just like he is and he doesn't know about your FWB.

Its great that you decided to take on with someone who satisfies you, but why keep both, leave the man who doesnt appreciate you, you already took the first step, go the whole way, why stay attach to someone who isnt worth, specially if you are sure he is going to cheat again. Along the way you are going to find a Mr. "The One" and he will give you the confidence Mr. Dimples is giving in addition to making your dreams come true....