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Tonight is the night I finally decided I would stop trying and he didn't deserve me then and he doesn't know. This is my story.

My ex and I had been in a Long Distance Relationship for over a year that was full of ups and downs (as most LDRs are). He's had problems with lying in the past, and has had issues with not being able to fess up to things.

We chose to break up a couple of weeks ago supposedly so I could focus on school and my careers. However, I found out that he had been sending naked pictures of himself to a girl he used to like, while also assuring her we would break up soon so that they could be together. No matter what he says, how he paints it, or what excuses he gives, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.

She is the one who told me, actually. Which, at the time, I respected her for. For being honest with me. My ex has a stream on a popular website. A friend of mine caught wiff of it, knew the story, and decided to do some digging of his own accord. He found that he lacked basic remorse and that she (the co-cheater) was lying to him about having told me what he did. Basically she was making it out to seem as if I was constantly asking about him and things of that nature. Which I am not. In fact, since he cheated I haven't felt in love with him. I haven't even cried.

I had started to consider her a friend. But I found that she has lied repeatedly (heard it with my own ears) about things I do or have said and that she is a terrible person (self-admitted multiple-time-cheater who also feels no remorse even though she admits she was wrong). They honestly deserve eachother.

The thing is, I know I still love him deep down. But I refuse to ever sully myself with either of their presences. I deleted her and him from everything and I'm fully done dealing with it. I'm moving on with my life.
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Dang. Is your ex boyfriends name Wes, and the other womans name Jamie? This story sounds quite familiar..

Unfortunately it's an all too common story. =/ and no, those aren't their names.