So, my wife who has abandoned me and my children wants to talk. I avoid her for the most part and if you read my other story you know I feel like if I do not talk to her I don't have a bad day. So, I'm explaining to her what happened to the land lord of the house I'm renting. After he bought the house his wife went crazy and had several affairs and left him with the kids. He has moved on and remarried and she can't find a job and living with her mom. Very similar to what is going on with my wife and I except I have not remarried. As I'm telling the story to her I realize the similarities between what his wife did and what my wife is doing so I tell her please don't think I'm talking about you as it is just coincidence in the happenings and she has the nerve to say she never had an affair. BULL CRAP!!!!! Will you be a straight faced liar for the rest of your life! Do you have that much pride you cant admit to having someones penis in your mouth that was not mine! It is so sad she will only admit what she thinks I know but she does not have a clue what i know. Sad part is, I will not tell her as I have put it behind me. However, I feel so bad for her everytime she lies through her teeth. And that is why I choose to love her from a distance without talking to her...
hurtingtryingtoheal hurtingtryingtoheal
31-35, M
Sep 14, 2012