Husband Caught By Phone Records

Hello Everyone Who Has Been Wronged By A Man,
My name is Brandi. My husband is a US Marine. I recently told my Best friend, Army Wife, and Cousin Lisa, that my husband seemed to be ignoring me and not answering my calls. She has been cheated on my her Army husband, and informed me to check phone records. I did, and contacted 6 different women in the Lawton Oklahoma area that had been sleeping with my husband. I wrote down their names, numbers, and story. I then answered his calls and told him he had one chance to tell me the truth. At this point I had not informed him that I talked to all the women he had been cheating on me with. He told me the truth as far as the times he ****** them and the, "I'm divorced with kids" story he gave them. After his confession I told him that I already knew because I had called them all. Then I blasted him on FB about his infidelity and informed everyone of his no good deeds. Then he blasted himself on FB saying how much he loved me, singing songs and **** with his no good and no talent voice. No American Idol here, more like an American ******* Douche bag. Would you have done the same? I should have burned all his possessions and mailed him a box of my smelly **** instead. Honestly, I want to get passed this, but its so unbelievable that I don't know how to? I immediately took our children to my moms house in VA and flew out to confront him. It was a bitter sweet reunion and as far as he is concerned I forgive him and am willing to give him a second chance. Deep down I want to **** the lawn guy that has been putting advances toward me for months, and kick my lying cheating, no good husband straight into bullshit ally. Until that happens I will be stashing all of the money into a safety deposit box.
kornluv4ever kornluv4ever
Sep 20, 2012