Not Sure What To Call This

It was suggested to me that I find a support group for spouses who are dealing with or working through infidelity. So I searched google and came across this site. I'm not sure this is what I am looking for but its a start. Maybe it will lead me to what I am looking for. I guess I am supposed to explain my situation but to be honest I'm not comfortable with that just yet. Maybe after a while and getting to know the site better.
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my guy is having an on line affair and in his mind he has convinced himself that its ok cause she is an old friend from way back.... he let it go for a few months but he is back at it again.

i feel your sadness

it does help ,when you feel comfortable with someone here to ,,talk

yeah I think I'm more comfortable just talking with one person. Thank you

yes,,thats good thing

we are all the same here, take care of yourself, these things take time, lots of time. you will also need friends to talk to. good luck.

Welcome, and sorry that you need to find a group like this. Best wishes

Thank you. I'm not sure how this site works but hopefully I get the hang of it soon.

I would just read some of the stories that relate to you. Then when you are comfortable you can share. Thats kinda how I did it.