Baby you're my one and only, baby it's only you, baby I can't live without you, baby I LOVE you....all the lies he filled me with contaminated my body like poison. Never realizing that it was slowly killing me. Dying from every touch, suffering from every kiss, he played with my heart. My smile that once shined so bright started to fade, I started to loose myself. Becoming more and more bitter, enraged with anger becoming ugly inside and out. He was killing me. Blinded by his charming appearance, seduced by his masculine voice, his sweet approach, I should have notice what he was doing all along..............poisoning me! How could the one you've loved for so long hurt you so bad. I just had to accept my baby had another BABY, my baby loved another BABY, my baby wasn't really my baby but just poison that was slowly taking my life.
SilentStoryteller SilentStoryteller
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012