Cheated On With A Prostitute...

On September 19, 2012 I had surgery to remove a 2 lb fibroid tumor on my uterus. In November, we found out I was pregnant. Then I found out he had cheated two weeks after my surgery while I was recovering...I was playing on his ipad and saw a naked picture of a girl. I went through his email and found out he had paid her $200 for sex.

This week we had to abort our baby because my body wasnt healed from my surgery. This has been a rough month...Im so angry and hurt.

I stayed with him because we have had a perfect relationship for almost 4 years...I didnt think one mistake was worth breaking us up...even though this is pretty bad.
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You arent dumb for staying; every man I know would cheat on his wife under certain circumstances (myself excluded). I also see the susceptibility in women to cheat every day, and I would argue they might be WORSE about cheating than men. In my opinion, you should do what women do best, use your advantage over him to have your own affair. The only difference is that since you're a woman, you can get away with it easier. Women have a HUGE advantage over men socially, we're on tricycles while you guys are rollin around in bentleys.

Something to note is that if he was using a prostitute to cheat, he probably doesnt get a lot of opportunity elsewhere, so he probably wont just be cheating on you all the time, even if he WOULD given the chance.

Use your social advantage and even the score, thats my advice. That, or just flat out leave the fool.

So sorry! I really hope things get better for you. I hope he is really trying to make things right with you!

Am I dumb for staying?

no sometimes mistakes happens .. stay if ur really happy with him ..