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So a few weeks ago I find out my husband of 10 years had been texting another woman. At first he tried to deny it but after finding more and more proof (phone records) he gradually admitted it. He keeps saying it was nothing and he is sorry and loves me. Thing is it started 10 months ago. At first he told me he never texted her and it was only once in a while on Facebook. Then I found the phone records. I know it went on a few months starting back in January, but after that he talked to her thru Facebook on his phone so I can't track it after that. I only found out when I saw a MSG come up that looked suspicious. Like I said he completely denied it at first. He says they never met and it was just a joke. I am devastated. I have gone between rage I didn't even know I was capable of to sorrow that left me feeling like I am dying inside. I want to forget about it. I want the faith I had in my husband and my marraige back. But it's not so easy. He swears it will never happen again and says it is probably the biggest mistake of his life. I want so badly to get past this but the mistrust and the pain isn't going to just go away. I love him more then anything and have never trusted anyone the way I did him. Is it possible to get that back?
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I understand your pain and no it will not go away easily. And no, when you look at him it will not be as it was before, not ever :( That does not mean you cannot accept and move on, you will just be a different you, stronger than before :))) You tell yourself you did or didn't do something and that caused this, your wrong :) People are drawn to the "grass is greener" side of life because they are searching for a different them, they want to be exciting and desired. You want this too :) my advice lol even though I can never take my own hahaha is to make a night of it. Try to see if you can make you his desire, push away the mistrust even if it is just for a little while. Look at him as the stranger you see right now and attack him with passion ;) Walk up to him grab his arse and growl slightly then walk away, then in 10 minutes come back and comment on how good he smells, don't forget to walk away again. Play, have a little fun, make him want you and in return you may just find him mirroring your actions or thinking your a complete nutter lol either way it will be you that is on his mind. Goodluck, have fun and remember at one point in his life it was you he chose, you he desired, you he married. Remind him xoxoxoxoxox

I'm sorry to hear about this :/ I haven't been married but I had a serious boyfriend that cheated on me through text and actually meeting up with other girls and it's hard... I gave him a second chance and he blew it but that's not to say your husband will... It is quite possible that he really is sorry... Make him work for your trust back I didn't make him work for it and it was a huge mistake.. If he does whatever he can to get you back then I would believe he is telling the truth that it was a big mistake.. good luck :)

That's awful! I'm so so sorry you have to endure that! I truly hope for happiness and relief from pain to come to you soon.

They both say they never met, but I wonder if that is true. ( yes I called and confronted her). He no longer has Facebook and changed his phone number. Just wish it didn't happen. And hearing that you also have done this and have been faithful is good to hear

i did the same to my wife many years ago but it still crop up from time to time im gutted for what i did nothing sexual but just a moment of madness i guess.hope you sort it out ive been married 20yrs now lol still going strong thanks all