Worst Day of My Life

I was 22 years and had been married for a little over a year.  At the time I was driving a truck for living.  I came home early in the morning after being gone a week.  I didn't think much of it when I saw my brother's truck in my drive way, I figured he may have gone out partying the night before and crashed at my place like he had done many times before. 

I entered the house expecting someone to greet me.  After not seeing anyone,  I headed to my bedroom.  He must have heard me as I entered the house.  My brother was in the process of putting his pants on, while my wife as sleeping in the bed.

My life changed at that instant.  I  realized how much a fool this girl had made of me.  That was 1992, and I have been on some type of anti depressant since.


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5 Responses Jul 30, 2008

those kind of people like her and that guy should get shot

Get well, buddy.

That's just awful. Your wife betraying you is bad enough, but to be stabbed in the back by your own brother is terrible. Don't blame this on yourself. This is not your fault. You're the good guy here and you'll find a beautiful, loyal woman one day.

It was never you. It was her. You need to move on, Ik now its hard but real love and honest ppl exsist. God bless.

i am truly sorry. That sounds horrible. How is your relationship with your brother and her now?

Wow, that must have been difficult. Did you divorce?