Alias At A Gas Station -- Please Read...i Neeeeed Help!

My husband met a girl at a gas station. He gave her a fake name, my guess is so that she could look him up on Facebook and see that he was married and had a daughter and a son on the way.

He said they just texted and flirted and that there was nothing physically.

Some of his co-workers found out because the girl he met was friends with one of his co-workers wife. The only reason why his co-worker knew it was my husband she was talking about was because the girl was explaining how "cool" his truck was. He is prolly the ONLY person in GA with a huge Marine Corp sticker in the back window of his truck.

Well he found out that the ppl at his work were going to tell me and so he eneded up telling me.

I havent talked to any of my girlfriends about this...i just dont know what to think...i dont trust him. I tell myself over and over that I do but I just dont. I love him because he gave me the two most BEAUTIFUL children...but as far as chemistry between us...thats just not there...

well recently his ex GF from HS has been sending him messages on facebook and he can carry on a convo better with her then he does me. He takes time out of his "busy" day to message her back but doesnt call to see how i am doing or send me a text. So even though it might be completely innocent, their convo's i still have a guard up...

I just dont know what to do or think...i am driving myself crazy...
kjf1991 kjf1991
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012