Being Cheated On

Me and my husband have been together for 6 years but been marrid for 2 years... earlier in our relationship he was texting and talkin to other females and i found out.. i forgave becuase he said it would never happen again.. now at this point in my relationship its hard to trust him but i try very hard to... here recently our car got towed out this place and just today he says to me that he is goin christmas shoppin for me but he is outthe same place where the car was towed and he didnt tell me where he was i tracked him.... now i asked him about it and he automatically starts saying you treating me like a kid and u dont trust me i trust u when u leave... i kno he is cheating i just want to know what to do... we also have 3 small children... please help me
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Not easy at all - my story might not be 100% relevant, but I do understand you.

Please try not to judge me, but do you ever think out of the box.

Before I got married about 12 years ago, I was dating this girl, she was the best think in bed I have ever experienced, she was deeply in love with me. she will pretend to like all my interest and activities in everyday life, ignoring her need to do other things that she likes. There was no arguments or difference in openion. I felt like I was taking advantage of her and decided to split-up. When I approached her with my thoughts, we had many deep discussions and one of the discussion was, sexual intimacy never last and she will be ok if I stray, but she will not do the same unless I am ok with it. at that time I thought what was wired and end up leaving her. when I think back now I wonder whether I would have been happier with her. I think she was wiser. very few marriage is perfect, we pretend it is to the society. We are the victim of social doctorine.

Like I love him buts its like I can't look at him the same anymore.. I have attachment issues and he know that so when he leave me I think he is never coming back and I start to accuse him of cheating... I know me keep on saying he cheating if he is not then he would because he tired of hearing that..I hope counseling works and thank you for commenting

start with counseling.