well it happened about a month ago.. he lied to me and told me he got off at a certain time but didnt. he went over to her house to "talk" then had sex with her.. then the next day had her watch my daughter.. he brought my daughter into it!!! then tonight i find out he started to fall for her and had feelings for her he never felt with me.. but says he wants to work everything out with me... is he with me cuz she didnt want anything to do with him afterwards or what?? im so confused and hurt.. i thought he was one of the good guys.
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Take his money and credit card and go for a 3 months of separation with daughter. During that time he really has something to consider. Don't tell him how long but separation is best and walk out. If men are not put on the spot they will do it again within a few week.

I would look for somebody else. The fact he told you he had feelings for her he never felt with you, suggests he'll do it again. If not with her then with someone else.