It All Came Out Today.

I sent 16 years with my ex - who controlled me physically and mentally. I managed to eventually leave the relationship - and met what i thought was a gret guy, he held me through the night when i had nightmares. We talked, we partied, we discussed getting married and having children. Then this morning i find out he has another woman who claims to be his "fiancee" all he can say is i ****** and wont speak to me - unfortunatly there is a few hundred miles between us, so I cant just go see him.

I feel completely deflated, i have no-one to talk to - because due to my ex I lost most friends and family members. im heartbroken i just want to curl up in a ball and die.
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I knew him well i had known him over 10 years as friends - when we started dating we was both single. The reason for the few hundred miles is I work as a contractor and due to work i have to travel - ive been working away for the past 5 months but flying down south on weekends and days off.

i appreciate your reply and I am thinking of maybe counselling - i just feel broken and alone.

Fortunately, there is a few hundred miles so that you can't just go and see him!

Clearly, you did not really know this man very well.

There ARE good men out there in the world, but it takes time and proximity to get to know them well. I know you are heart broken right now, but any man who would be so dishonest and cold to you is NOT worth your heart.

Let his fiancee have him. She is the loser here, not you.

Spend some time healing and try to take care of yourself. Maybe some therapy to understand how you keep getting in these bad relationships, and take some time alone.