Pregnant And Pissed

I have one child and one on the way with this man. I left him once before for lying to me he spent eight months begging so thinking he had learned something I took him back. Well immediately after we got back together I became pregnant which was what he wanted so bad but should have been impossible considering I had gotten a Tubal ligation after our son was born 4 yrs earlier. So he got me and his son back and a new baby everything he wanted and said he prayed for. He started cheating as soon as I really started showing and hasn't stopped he says he hasn't physically done anything but I'm not an idiot. The week before Christmas he left the house saying he was getting me something comes back 3 hrs later I see on his facebook he set up to meet with this other girl. I wait till Christmas to see of course nothing for me. He makes me feel like I'm crazy when I confront him with proof. Fights with me for wanting the truth. Our daughter will be here in a couple days and I'm so messed up about all these girls and months of cheating I cant even be happy. Instead I'm trying to figure out why. What is wrong with me that someone would work so hard to be with me just to throw it all away right before he gets everything he says he wanted. I'm miserable because I became the people I complain about. I used to tell my friends just leave the cheaters they don't deserve your feelings. Now I'm looking in the mirror trying to tell myself the same thing and hearing all of their excuses why they didn't just leave
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Heed your own advice!

I'm very sorry to read your story. You're at a point in your life that should be one of the happiest, welcoming your daughter. Instead it is frustrating and sad. I won't say "just leave" because I know that's not easy nor possible in my situations. I would say that your little girl is going to love you like no one else in the world. Maybe you can look into those innocent eyes and fall in love with someone who deserves it.