The Beginning Of The End? women's intuition goes I started checking his phone in April. Found 2 numbers that were called ALOT! One was her place of business( my husband rents her this shop). The other number I found out was her cell phone. I went asked for his phone records on "his behalf"(wink wink) and found he had called her 85 times just in MAY!! Long story short I confronted him in June 2012 kidding Fathers Day! I confronted him and he did not deny it. I also got him to admit to an affair 12 years ago with his ( of course) secretary. I made him sit down that day and tell our girls ages 26, 24 and 20. Needless to say their hero fell from a very high pedestal. I had him leave. We talked and I demanded details over the next few months. YES they had sex, YES they enjoyed talking and YES she paid attention to him. I got him to admit that he told her he loved her and she him. He said he didn't mean it. He said she didn't know why she said that and he told her NOT to say that....yeah right. I let him move back in Sept. I gave him everything sexually he said he needed that I had never given him over 29years. (Why wait29 years to complain?) We began couples counseling in July. Starting in November 2012 he began to act quiet, uninterested in me or sex.Dec 31 I found out that he had spoken with her again via phone and in person about "business" Part of our counseling was he was to give me full disclosure and break ALL ties with her. So here I sit alone. We have talked and he said he didn't want to move back in and things be "the same" as they were before he left. He repeatedly spoke of being in a "prison" and me ignoring him for 29 years! Please comment. I am starting individual tomorrow. Thanks!
TimeIsAThief TimeIsAThief
51-55, F
Jan 14, 2013