He Cheated And I Went Back And Now I Am Miserable

I have been trying to let it all go and get to know the person he is now. He says he's changed and that it was the biggest mistake of his life. But he is still doing the same things that hurt me and hurt our marriage before he had the affair. I am trying to trust him but I am failing. I feel like he hasn't changed, I feel like I'm not worth the effort from him. I don't even think he appreciates the fact that I came back. Sometimes I hate him, so why do I love him so much?
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I wouldn't automatically say don't stay in the relationship simply because he cheated. I don't know your circumstances.... I would say don't stay in the relationship if you are unhappy and do not think there is anything else you can do to improve the relationship. Have y'all talked about it...figured out what was going on with him that he screwed up in the first place? Tried counseling? I believe that marriage is hard and no one is perfect..... but at the same time... you do not deserve to be mistreated. Only you know if you have reached the point that you want to make a change... If he's not willing to, you might have to.

It will never be the same trust me, I know. You deserve to be happy, you will never be able to trust that man ever again. no matter what he says. If he loved you he would have never betrayed you and had an affair. It's hard to look past this. That's why I tell you from experience. If you want to be happy, move on. Don't stay in this relationship, you're only your hurting yourself. You don't love the person he is. But you love him. Why do you love the person who did you wrong? You can love him but that doesnt mean you have to be with him especially if he makes you miserable. its not worth it when you put. it all into perspective. Do the right thing for the sake of your own happiness...