And He'S Doing It Again

He went to DC for the inauguration this weekend. He went to a lot of the conferences, etc. Anyway, the person who invited him sent him an email asking him to remove the photo he'd posted for privacy issues until a couple days later. The person mentioned that she was "glad you guys made it home safely" and "It was great meeting T". This "T" person is the same person he posted a picture of with his arms wrapped around her and at the event when he took a picture with me, it was just side by side like everyone else in the building except "T".

When he reposted the photo on facebook a couple days later he had about 19 comments on it. One was from the friend again and they mentioned having a good time with "T" again. He didn't respond. Today when I looked, there were only 4 comments. None included the comment about the girl.

Things between us aren't good and I'm trying so hard to stay focused on getting out of this situation. I don't need it. And bringing up one more BS story he's going to lie about isn't going to help me get there.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 25, 2013