My Husband Cheated

Me and my husband were together 3 years before we got married we have been married 9 months and have a baby 5 months old. For a few months I had feelings that he was cheating and he would always deny it. I have recently found out he has been cheating on me with my brothers fiancee. He has been seeing her for months way before I had my baby. He keeps saying sorry and telling me he regrets it but I need advice . Should I forgive him and carry on like normal or should I leave taking our baby with us? I'm so hurt I met him when I was in a terrible place and he helped me through it he wasn't just my lover he was my best friend, my soul mate basically he was my everything, I just don't know what to do. Any advice will be truly appreciated.
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3 Responses Feb 6, 2013

My husband lied to my face about a online cheating site. That feeling of no turst kills me daily. You and your baby can do better without him. My daddy had two familys at the sametime. My mother didn't get over the hurt. Leave him until you get as far as we did with the pain and no trust. He had the tasted of blood will do it again.

He's not your soul mate if he's porking your family members. I think you should leave him, because I know I would.

There is only yourself to forgive. He had needs and if you knew them well enough, you would have brought that girl to him long before. If he is so important to YOU why are his needs so unimportant to YOU?

Bring a girl to you bed for him and watch him carefully. Notice how much he loves you as he loves her. My husband is thankful to my lovers.