Cheat Is A State Of Mind

My grandmother was a WWII sex slave, a Japanese Comfort Woman. One of the Chinese collaborators who was involved with her enslavement rose up quite high in the government. He later attempted to kill me and my mother.

We fled China and wound up being sex slaves ourselves near the Burma Thai border to a Japanese and his British wife.

His wife while cruel was also kind and generous. She liked to be told stories. Over the years I told the story of my grandmother and woven in elements of my own. She encouraged me to write them down.

Last year I published Snap of the Dragon's Tail.

Her husband was quite ruthless and used myself and my mother as he pleased. My revenge was to seduce his son and then cuckold him before and after our marriage.

Many of the elements in my book are taken from my real life experience and my knowledge of the world. When my master died from poison, my husband and some of our loyal guards found it best to flee.

I live now with my protectors who I keep loyal to me with my sexual submission and my husband with my deceptive manipulation. I have a young son and daughter and all the men accept they are their fathers. Two children and ten fathers.

Please I hope you will read the free sample of my book and if you find it to your liking and interest that you will buy it. I should like to write more and have started on two different series. Perhaps I will post some excerpts.

My husband is happy to be my cuckold, for my sexual training is extensive and my talents quite unique.

May Ming
Wangmayming Wangmayming
26-30, F
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Life offers more than just random sex and doing wrong to other. I imaging you as a feral dog, in order to get food you had to offer what you have between your legs, and may be your mouth, if some lowlifes found it usable.

What a sorrow life when you cannot say no. Abuse your body to get sympathy is so sad. I wish life can offer you a better standing, but it seems you choose to stand where you are. Oh well, it's your life ......

life indeed offers abundance, but your dripping snobbery for what you consider an acceptable frapacino would not accept my humble life as one worthy of your approval.

You who poohpoohs what you to be random sex, probably gets very little.
My life is far from feral, though there are moments when things certainly get very real and very visceral in a heart-beat.

I do my best to live my life as close to a wild animal as possible. They take opportunity only as big as their ability to risk. They take only want they need and are generous with the excess. I have abundance and can find it anywhere.

you are a mouthy piece of $hit. Your rambling is not worth my time.

wow. that is just ....out of this world! you seem to like sex A LOT, I guess that's what happens when you were forced to be a sex slave most of your life. it just seems so cruel.

Thinking it is cruel is your decision of how to see it.

When I was young I would think it is unfair, but I remember my grandmother. Life is life.
How you CHOOSE to see is the key

yes it is my decision to view it in cruelty. Just because others suffer doesn't mean it's ok. I guess I would never know how to view it as anything that is fair. I think that you have taken control over it , it just seems so harsh. I guess I can say its good you are free now to make your own decisions. but this of course is my opinion , and logically you will always look at it differently because of your direct experience. just a question, have you ever been depressed or sad about that situation?

I get frustrated. But life is not fair. So I accept that reality.

Free to make my own decisions!?! You must be joking. When my men say time to move, I move.
I just follow the river. I stopped complaining that it had twists and turns.

wow, that is just so sad. For you i hope that somehow you can break free from it, completely. I have some asian family members, and from my understanding it is cruelty that happens to women and children within the asian countries. I've read many stories about women like you that go through that and it's just so sad to see people doing things to other people that would emotionally put them in a deep sad place. This also opens up my eyes to the other side of the story, and I believe what happens to you in life you can either accept it or reject it. but out of fear for your life you chose to accept it and survive, and that is a very strong, brave thing to do.

I honestly dont know how i would react to it, because i never been through that. thank you so much for sharing that insight with me.

Most of the cruelty I see in life is religious based which is then codified into governments which are the strong arms of religion.

yeah it just sucks. how governments try to monopolize peoples beliefs, many religions are man made, but spirituality is real. and there is a spiritual warfare of principalities among people in high places. government officials are nothing but criminals waging war against the human soul. and whatever they think is something a person may follow by being indoctrinated to believe it is "right" that they will peacefully submit themselves for being used by the government. they also create poverty for that reason. all for control.

Look carefully and read history, you will find the religions are the source.

Have your read dragonofjapan?

So far on this site he is the only man I have immense respect for. Is also caring even when he seems to be brutal and blunt.

He and I both agree about religions.
I find deep spirituality in sex and think likely it is the true gateway.

sex is a gateway, and is often used as in ceremonies and tantric practices in different rituals. i just personally dont like sex. that's me, i mean there are people who love, almost everybody loves it. and i will look up dragon of japan. the japanese from what i do know incorporate alot of beliefs around sex. sex is everywhere. i believe lust along with sex are weaknesses of humanity. it does indeed open up a portal for other spirits to enter, and the transferring of spirits from one to the other.

go read sex at dawn

I personally feel sorry for you. narrow mind narrower life

no need to feel sorry for me, because i dont engage in certain activities doesn't mean anything about my mind. and if you feel that way that is on you. like i have said before nobody can judge me. i never judged you over your beliefs. your beliefs is yours and mind is mine.

you obviously seem to be trying to be persuasive about your perspective on life and sex and would like to introduce me into your beliefs but i did not comment for this to be a debate over who is right and who is wrong, or whose beliefs are "better" because I already know the truth. unknown to you i know a great deal about life. i dont need a book to tell me otherwise. i am not a blind follower of any kind.

there are works published on many different subjects in life, and i am an avid researcher and my quest for knowledge has given me knowledge. everyday i learn, but at the same time i dont let others beliefs become my own.

I am not narrow minded just based solely on the simple fact I refuse to live a life in whoredom. I refuse to let a person mistreat or judge me. I understand that everybody's life and beliefs aren't the same, which is why we are different. I also understand that I actually feel sorry for you having to submit yourself to the lower levels of lustly needs in males. And having this idea that maybe somehow you know more than me , which in fact is contrary to the facts. you know what you know and i know what i know. we come from 2 different worlds and i thought that at least we could become ep friends. but i see you would like to make an impact on my sexual beliefs , but that will not happen.

anyways i hope that somehow you will come out of that imaginary world you live in built upon principalities that was indoctrinated in were made to believe what you do and go through is not bad, but is a ritual or religious practice. this is called "brain washing". you have been brain washed , and one of the defense mechanisms in your brain is using the beliefs you have to advocate such beliefs for others.

i didnt come on here to bully people, or to subject them to any kind of self-righteous beliefs, you talk about religion, but you dont know what religion if any i am involved in. i didnt come on here imposing my "religious" beliefs on you and i would respect you more if you have done the same.

Lower lusty needs of males? You don't judge? Oh my what bullshit.

Higher lower you judge and defend yourself all over the place with minimal experience but a firm righteous conviction in the "righteousness of your beliefs"

Paddle on. Life will continue to smack you around and you will get it or not.

You do not have the ears to hear my words

yeah ok, you dont know anything about my life. with regards to that im done with this conversation have a nice life. and for your information, life isn't smacking me around, it's smacking you. my life is good.

its as if you expect me to get angry about your judgement or interpretation i dont know you like that and you dont know me, or about my life. i dont put all my life online and i dont care about what you think, but i will always stand firm on my stance in conversation.


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