No One Is Loyal

in a matter of a month i got cheated by my girlfriend and then stabbed in the back by my best friend.
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how u feeling now? did it get any has been 4 years since ur post...?

It happens every day, it happened to me as well.Don't give up.I just turned 44 and Ive' seen a lot of it in my life.We live in a "Mac" society people want instant gratification.<br />
Many people have their dream car and it gets some miles on it and one person wants to junk it when it needs an overhaul, not demolition.Its really sad.

I was just heart broken today, and ill be birthing his child in April. Trust me, get a lil steam off but not anything violent, and try answering questions on this site to see other point of views and get your m iond ff of your own situation to help ease the anger and sadness. Dont let them see you fail, you need them as support but just take her actions as a happy warning before it got too serious like engagement, and just make sure u "keep a knife" too so "you wont get stabbed if you are armed."

I was loyal, and I feel like maybe everyone on these cheated on pages are loyal, but I also feel like I never want to be in love again and that relationships are usually a give or take type of thing and the good people just get ****** in the end by the ******* pretending to be a good person. <br />
What I am trying to say is that I feel your pain.

Sorry to hear it and I can relate. I don't know who to trust and am scared of being horribly betrayed yet again. Afraid to get close to people but its what it takes to survive so in a ferocious bind. Every man I've ever fallen in love with has ****** me over. Then I try to get over it, to suck it up and act nice, but theres so much rage and hurt that not only does it end up a betrayal but it ends up a terrible loss.

judas and eve huh.**** em both man.keep ya head up-i know that feeling of being betrayed.