If I Ever Was Cheated On, I Wo...

If I ever was cheated on, I would be hurt, and that would be the end of that relationship
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Ha ha!!!! Your young, you have a lot of learning in your life ahead. I would have said the same at your age, but you know things change, life changes. Life isn't as simple as you may think :)


Easy to say but when you are in that situation there are lots of considerations to take especially when you have kids.. My husband cheated on me, it really hurts, my world turns upside down but i realize when i saw the face of my child that she needs me..so i said to myself i've had enough and its over..

Who said that a person owns another person in a relationship? People need to grow up about their thinking about relationships. So many relationships could be saved if people could get past their need for revenge.

I am leaving today, when you truly love someone, there is no way that you would do that. So I am taking a stand. After nine years it stillhaunts me today. I Can't see the love in here eyes or on her when I hold her. I really though she was the one so today I told her it was over. I can't think about my wife with another any longer

yes, i was saying the same thing to myself. But when the real thing happen to you, it doesn't seem so easy anymore. My husband been cheating on me for about a year now and i just recently found out. I wanted to leave but it is not easy. Especially when I have no job and have 3 young kids to support.

yea that was me saying that too. when it happens and you desparately love that person it is easier said than done. it tore my heart out to think of him staying or going. u just never know til u put the shoes on and start walking.

You have no idea. I said that a million times. Good luck with that, and I hope that you don't ever need to make that decision. And if you do, that it's an easy one. Because it sure as hell isn't for me.

You cant say that till it happes to u I have two kids and have been with my husben for 13 years and it douse happen I said that to till it happen to me know I know what it fills like and it is not esay when u have been with someone that long

I always said that I would leave if I was ever cheated on. When it happened everything was different.. I was all of a sudden not such a tough girl.. I was in major shock and denial I think. Could not figure out what I had done wrong. Had small children that needed taken care of. I did not have a job that would support us all. So I stayed. It is now 18 years later. It is not any easier, I still ponder on it. But, I have a very good paying job now, my kids are grown and I know I can take very good care of myself if need be.

Its harder then i ever imagined. It actually hurts your body, right in your chest. It sucks badly. Your aching heart just seems impossible to mend without your partner there. <br />
<br />
But CHEERS to those who can just get up and walk out and move on.<br />
<br />
I could not.

I agree, everyone says that until it happens. Then you realize it ain't so simple when emotions are involved.

..and then right after too. Best time to firm your resolve.

Interestingly, that's what everyone says before it happens to them.